BRAINAIRA is a mutual aid community, organized on a virtue of transparency and integrity. 

By participating in BRAINAIRA, you can get over 90% of your investment in 48hours. We’re just starting up and the potentials of this community is great. So hurry and join us.


STEP 1: Register on our platform by commenting below. For example; Register/full name/phone No/account No/Bank.

STEP 2: Make request to provide or donate; After your registration you can make request to donate by using a serial code  that’ll be assigned to you before completing your  registration.e.g Serial code/Phone No/Amount.

STEP 3: Get matched, and pay up. After making request, the support team will pair you up with a participant  you’ll  pay to. You’ll have to visit this site again to find out the details of the participant before payment.

STEP 4: Get paid.                                 The support team pairs you with two other participants  that will pay you.